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TeamBreakout-Games is a unique „Live Escape Game“ for Groups consisting of 2-8 people. The principle is simple: 1 Team, 1 Room and 60 min to escape.

You will be challenged by solving puzzles, finding real objects, decode messages and combine a series of clues the will enable you to find the way out.

You and your Team-Members will awake in a new environment and got 1 hour to find your way out. By using problem solving skills, creativity, the gift of combination and most of all your ability to work within a Team you need to overcome the challenges, which are presented to you.

Originally this concept was developed for computer based games, but now it can be played in reality and for the first time in the city of Hamburg.

Who can play?

Friends & Families

Are you planning an activity with friends or your family and looking for something other than the movies or bowling? How about something new and different, that you won’t forget.

Tourist & Visitors

Hamburg! Finally you getting to know this beautiful city on the Elb-River. Next to sightseeing, shopping and other activities this city has to offer you may want try something completely different. Whether it rains or the sun is out, TeamBreakout offers you an exciting and adventures activity you can add to your list. Only in Hamburg.

Companies & Teams

TeamBreakout is the perfect destination for you and your colleges. Whether it is your team at work or the people in your social club, we offer an amazing opportunity to challenge you as a group and bring your team spirit to a whole new level.

Here at Tea Breakout we offer a unique environment where we combine fun and a team-building exercise in one game. Go for a meal and drink after with one of our partners close by.


The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy… the Catholic Church. The Pope has just died under mysterious circumstances. Can you prove that the Pope was assassinated and escape before the Swiss Guard captures you?

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Cabin in the woods

Carelessly driving through the deep, black forest of Oregon, nothing seems to be out of place. And then your vehicle breaks down… The wind howls and blows a bitter chill past the dying trees; The forest seems to never end; tall silhouettes shadowing the ground, birds circling overhead, and screams echoing through the wind. Darkness confines you until your search brings you in front of a hut. A wooden cabin hidden in the woods that seems to be your salvation … or maybe not?Difficulty:

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Metal & Picric Acid

Flashing lights, colorful cables and a Goodbye note? The old professor is trying to prevent the publication of his research work by putting the University into Ruins. And where are you? Locked in the Lab – Great !!!Difficulty:

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Team Events

Looking for something different then the high-ropes-course or the good old bowling night for your company event?

TeamBreakout offers you a new and unique team-building exercise.

Without communication and team play our game is not possible. Everyone needs to be involved. The individual strength of the participants is crucial, but only with team effort you will able to solve the puzzles. There is no pre-experience needed. Once you arrive we will organize the teams, give you a quick run-down, and you are ready to go. Simple as this!

For assistance in organizing and planning your trip here, or establishing an individual program, please get in touch via email.
We love to help, and will get back to you as soon as possible!


Geiles Konzept in den Räumen und Spannung bis zur letzten Minute. Kurzzeitig kommt man sich vor wie in einem Film. Richtig feine Sache, für alle ...
Gerwin L, Hamburg
Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht gemeinsam zu knobeln und zu kombinieren. Die Stunde verging viel zu schnell! Die Betreuung war auch sehr engagiert und ...
Jana E., Hamburg
Klasse Sache, anspruchsvolle Herausforderung sich aus dem Raum durch Lösen von Aufgaben zu befreien. Hat aber wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und es war für Alle ...
dorotheem595, Buchholz
Die Räume sind wirklich toll und raffiniert, mit kniffligen Rätseln, aufgebaut. Der Staff vor Ort sehr nett und hilfsbereit. Werde den zweiten Raum auf jeden ...
Julia A., Hamburg



TeamBreakout OLDENBURG
Staulinie 18
26122 Oldenburg

Telephone +49(0)441/361 056 80

Please add the prefix of your country too, thank you.
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Can I cancel an appointment?

Since a TeamBreakout booking is legally comparabe with event-tickets (such as in the cinema or theater), a cancellation is not possible.

Should you, however have to cancel for special reasons, we’ll try our best to be accomodating. This is usually not a problem, until 2 weeks before the appointment.

Please get in touch with hallo@teambreakout-oldenburg.de. Thanks.

What are the prices?

The prices are based on the number of players:

Size of the team Price p.P. Total
2 Players
37.50 € 75.00 €
3 Players
32.00 € 96.00 €
4 Players
27.00 € 108.00 €
5 Players
25.00 € 125.00 €
6 Players
22.50 € 135.00 €
7 Players
22.50 € 157.50 €
8 Players
22.50 € 180.00 €

What is “Team Breakout” exactly – I find hard it hard to imagine.

Imagine your Team will be introduced into a story where you will find logical challenges andRiddles. You will need to find hints in the room and with team-effort combine them in order to solve the puzzle and escape the Room. Don’t worry, upon arrival we will explain everything and you be set to go. More detail we do not want to give away in order to keep the tension and surprise effect.

Who can play?

Everyone from young to old! Everyone who loves exploring, solving puzzles and playing in a team. The min age is 14 (in combination with at least one adult)

Do I need any pre-experience ?

No, don’t worry. No pre-experience or preparation is necessary. Basic rules will be explained. Since you work in a team you can always count on your teammates and you will succeed by the end. A game-administrator will follow you via camera and if necessary provide you with Tips.

Are there different levels ?

Not at this stage. Both Rooms have the same level. Its all depending on how well the team works together and how fast you will be able to solve the puzzles. The game-admin is always there to assist you.

What happens if the time runs out and we haven’t finish?

In that case the lights switch off in the Room and you should start to pray. No, seriously. No one will be locked in or anything similar. 99% of the teams finish before the time runs out. TeamBreakout ensures you that it is all about fun and playing a game.

How many Players should be in one Group?

You have to be at least 2 players in a group. However we do recommend 3-4 players. You will have more brainpower in the Room but also need to communicate and coordinate very well to solve all the riddles. More people doesn’t necessarily mean its gonna be more easy. The team-dynamics will defiantly be fired up and fun is guaranteed.

Do I need to bring anything?

Fun and a healthy attitude to try new things. Casual wear is recommended. The more comfortable you are the better. Costumes are welcome, so if you wanna get your Sherlock Holmes dress up out, got for it.

Will there be Horror or Scary things I should know about?

No, don’t worry. You will be able to sleep after. We do try though to create an adventurous and unique atmosphere, but all within the limits.

People with Physical Disabilities?

No problem. The building has a lift which will bring you to the 3rd Floor, but there a couple of steps at the entrance. Unfortunately our rooms are not set up for wheelchairs. If you scared of closed rooms you need to remember that the game takes 60 min. to finish. If this is a problem, we would suggest not to participate.

Is the game available in different languages?

We do speak German and English. The rooms are also set up and can be played in these two languages.

Where do I find TeamBreakout?

Click here for Directions

How can I register my Team?

For registration and booking please Click here.

How to Pay?

You can pay online in advance of via EC-/credit card or cash when you arrive here.

Still have Questions?

Fell free to contact us with and questions or concerns on hallo@teambreakout.de

Do you also have vouchers?

Yes, of course. Simply go to our voucher page, select the amount and complete the ordering process.You can download the voucher afterwards.You can also visit us during our opening times and grab a nice looking voucher by yourself.

Friends & Family